How To Place Order

How To Place Order

Here is process to help you know our step of order for your inference:

1. Visit our site: and Sign In or Join Free your account.

After you add all the items you like in the cart, you can click ”shopping Cart” to check all that you choose.

If you still want more items, please click ”Return to shopping or continue shopping”.

If all are correct, please directly click” Proceed to checkout”, and then you add your address(New customers need to fill in the shipping information during submit the order.)

All customers need choose shipping method, server and payment method.

If payment method is “PayPal”, you can directly pay online by ”Proceed to PayPal”.

When you directly pay by PayPal online, our stock system will reserve for you. It will be largely avoid to stockout and delay.

2. After you submit the order on our site:, we will check the items in our new stock system:

It is very fast for us to check the stock. If some items are out of stock, our salesman will check delivery date with our factory and make the invoice for you.

Generally you can get the invoice from us in 2 hours when you submit the order.

3. When you get the invoice, you can check all the information you want and then pay for it.

4. After you pay, our financial staff will check the money and order.

If all are correct, they will print the order and give the order list paper to our storage staff.

5. Our storage workers will follow this order list paper to collect the item one by one, when they collect one item, they will mark them in the paper. Before pack in box, there will be 2 people to check the goods in twice to make sure all are correct. When you check, you will find there are 2 different marks in each item. The ready goods are waiting for shipping now. All the goods will be sent out in 2 working day once we get the payment.

6. Express company will pick up the goods from our company everyday. Generally you will get the goods in 5-7 working days.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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